About Us


Tesscorn was founded in 1993. The company has built its reputation as a leading supplier of top quality electromechanical instrumentation for research institutions in the environmental, aerospace, automotive, defence sectors. Over the years we have developed a network of suppliers, all leaders in their fields, providing unique technologies across a broad spectrum of Fluid Dynamics and Aerosol Research related applications. Our long-time and well established presence in flow field dynamics and knowledge about Imaging and Phase Doppler technique makes us a reliable technology partner and consultant. We pride ourselves on the valuable relationships we have developed with our research, industrial, and defence customers over many years.


We offer AEROSOL INSTRUMENTATION for applications ranging from atmospheric and climate studies to engine emissions to inhalation toxicology. We have built a network of suppliers, leaders in their fields, all providing unique technologies for a broad spectrum of applications. Our aerosol instrumentation includes instruments to measure chemical and physical properties of atmospheric aerosol, including aerosol mass spectrometers, differential mobility analyzers and optical instruments. Our cloud physics instrumentation includes instruments to measure cloud properties including the key parameters of droplet size distribution, liquid water content and ice crystal size and habit distributions. These instruments are based around optical scattering and imaging techniques.

Tesscorn AeroFluid, Inc. is a leading supplier of scientific instruments serving the FLOW DYNAMICS and PARTICLE DIAGNOSTICS researcher with state-of-the-art measurement systems providing flow and particle information in a wide range of applications including: aerodynamics, spray diagnostics, hydrodynamics, multiphase flows, and many more.

Our REMOTE SENSING INSTRUMENTATION includes instruments to measure atmospheric parameters such as cloud properties, aerosol, ozone and wind remotely, from ground based or airborne platforms. These instruments are able to measure profiles of such parameters as a function of height above the measurement location and include Radars and LiDARs.

An awareness of current and future innovations and our knowledge of products and their potential applications, means we can source and tailor instrument solutions for your needs.