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International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Challenges (SEEC – 2017)


Feb 26 ~ 28, 2017
Centre of Innovative and Applied Bioprocessing, Mohali


Tesscorn Fluid Dynamics Group are looking forward to providing information on Instrumentation for Flow Diagnostics, Flow imaging and Velocimetry at SEEC 2017.


We provide novel tools for experimental study of thermal properties of materials for sustainable energy applications & heat transfer, nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics, gas-liquid two-phase flows, high-temperature heat exchangers; and thermo-electrics and spin-thermal effects for waste heat recovery. Our Advanced laser diagnostics systems helps to probe the fundamental physical and chemical processes occurring in turbulent, reacting, and multi-phase flows that underpin modern energy-conversion systems.


Our systems are used in all aspects of energy as they pertain to automotive vehicles – energy for propulsion and storage, powertrain energy efficiency, and the role of alternative fuels, including electricity; system- and control-oriented aspects of these energy systems; battery modelling, ageing and diagnostics/prognostics; Internal Combustion Engines; Modelling, estimation, and control methods for reducing energy consumption and environmental impacts of the ground transportation systems. Our instruments are essential tools used in research for improvement of the propulsion and aerodynamic efficiency of aircraft, and reduction of jet noise in commercial and military aircraft; experimental investigations of gas turbines used in the power generation and aircraft engine industries;- Study of aerodynamic flow control of road vehicles and aircraft, enabling lower drag designs that reduce fuel consumption.