Webinar: Near Real Time Elemental Analysis of Ambient Particulate Matter and its application to Source Identification and Apportionment

May 22, 2020

Ambient PM is a complex mixture consisting of a number of chemical constituents such as carbonaceous, ionic, and elemental species derived from anthropogenic sources e.g. industrial facilities, incineration, vehicle exhaust, power plants, domestic heating, etc. Atmospheric trace elements, especially metal species, are an environmental and health concern with insufficient understanding of their levels and sources from the major industrial cities of India. Continuous monitoring of ambient elemental species on a real-time scale is essential for studies on trace element sources and their health impacts. The multi-metal characterization at high-time-resolution capability of Xact from Cooper Environmental Services (CES), USA is a valuable and practical tool for ambient monitoring. Xact 625 automated multi-metals analyser have been developed for more precise, accurate and frequent measurement of ambient elemental species. The Xact method is based on non-destructive XRF analysis of aerosol deposits on a moving filter tape, which has been validated by the US Environmental Technology Verification testing and several other field campaigns.

Elemental species measurements of ambient aerosol particles have to be conducted for health and source apportionment studies. Once the characteristic elements are associated with particular emission sources, real–time measurements can be made which provide detailed information about the emission characteristics of those sources. Identification of short duration spikes in ambient concentrations of elemental species will indicate local sources of the emitted compounds. Baseline levels and sources of trace elements with high detail are needed for developing effective control strategies to reduce the high risk of acute exposure to atmospheric trace elements in India’s megacities. Long-term and near real-time measurement of atmospheric trace elements in PM2.5 with a Xact multi-metals analyser will elucidate the levels and sources of atmospheric trace elements in a complex urban environment, which can be used to support future health studies.

Watch the recording of the webinar, presented by Krag Petterson ,Vice President, Cooper Environmental Services, LLC