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Advanced Imaging Diagnostics and Spray Combustion

Laser Diagnostics research tools (from LaVision and Artium Technologies) were provided by Tesscorn AeroFluid for the National Centre for Combustion Research & Development (NCCRD). The optical laser techniques enable detecting and quantifying important gas-phase species, temperature, and particulate matter in temporally and spatially resolved measurements in complex combustion systems. Imaging diagnostics systems from LaVision for reacting flows provides the fundamental understanding of flow-flame interactions.  In turbulent combustion, complex interactions between turbulent flows and flames span a wide range of length scales.  LaVision Imaging techniques provide spatially and temporally resolved measurements of these interactions.  Multi-dimensional measurements are necessary to determine spatial correlations, gradients, flame orientation, curvature, and connectivity. The velocity fields are probed using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). Advanced optical diagnostics, Phase Doppler Interferometry System (PDI) is used to study the sprays in a fundamental manner. Fuel spray injection is expected to be one of the key elements for enabling high-efficiency, low-emission engines of the future. Understanding the details of the spray combustion process is therefore now more important than ever.