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Seminar on Combustion Laser Diagnostics

Speaker: Dr. Heinrich Voges, LaVision GmbH, Germany
November 13 ~ 17, 2017


The aim of the talk is to provide a fundamental understanding of the use and application of laser techniques for diagnostics of combustion processes. The lecture will be concentrated on spectroscopic techniques for measurements of temperature, species concentration and flow velocity. The underlying physics on which the laser-diagnostic methods are based will be discussed. Also, the quality of the measurements is discussed in terms of accuracy and precision. LaVision offers a full range of combustion diagnostics measurement solutions that integrate timing devices, lasers, cameras and image intensifier technology with image acquisition and data analysis software.


Dates & Venue:
Nov 13, 2017 – IIT Bombay, 2:30 PM, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Nov 15, 2017 – IIT Madras, 2:30 PM, NCCRD
Nov 16, 2017 – IIT Hyderabad, 10 AM, Academic Block, Room 220
Nov 17, 2017 – Amrita University, Coimbatore, 10AM
Nov 17, 2017 – IIT Palakkad, 2:30 PM